5 Steps to a Fast Sale

5 Steps To A Fast Sale

There are a LOT of homes out there for sale.  They are all your competition.  So, how do YOU get to standout in the crowd?

The first things buyers will see and evaluate are the entry to the house, the flooring, the kitchen and then the baths.

The entrance to your house should be immaculate!  While the agent is opening the lockbox and getting the key, the buyers will be standing there, evaluating the entrance for a good 2 to 3 minutes.  If they get a negative feeling there,  it will be an uphill battle.  The porch needs to be cleaned and possibly painted.  The front door should have a fresh coat of paint or varnish.  The plantings should be pruned and not overgrowing the front of the house.

Second, buyers want hardwood floors.  I can’t change their minds about this.  Do you have older carpeting?  If you are thinking about giving a “carpet allowance”, it would be much better to just put down new hardwood flooring and new carpeting in the bedrooms.  Buyers want a home they can just move into without having to redo.

Finally, to make a really good impression on the buyers, the kitchen and baths NEED granite or Corian-type counter tops and wood cabinet fronts in good condition.  I have buyers coming down from the North.  They have told me that until they updated the kitchen and baths, they had no luck selling their homes.  Once they did the upgrades, the homes sold rapidly.  They, then, expect the same when they come here to purchase.

Once these items are addressed, here is a short list of things to do to get you SOLD:

  1. Do your research – Ask Wayne to supply you with all the recent comparable SOLD PROPERTIES in the area AND the ACTIVE listings currently for SALE (your competition).
  2. Have Wayne take you out and look at some of your competitors’ properties.
  3. Walk through and around your house as though you were a Buyer. Have a very critical eye. Repair or spruce up those items that you see that need attention. Have a neighbor help you evaluate your house, too.
  4. Set a realistic price. Buyers are very price conscious these days. They have done a lot of homework before they got here online. They know what has sold and for how much. Your and Wayne’s efforts are to get the buyer’s attention and get that offer.
  5. Communicate regularly with Wayne to evaluate the market changes – both up and down.

If you adhere to these recommendations, you will get much greater success in the sale of your home compared to your competition.